I liked what I read on each of us "holding hands" and being supportive of everyone we know who has a deep interest in the market, whether in stocks or real estate. Excessive negative talk will serve no useful purpose and will undermine and erode our confidence.

Forgive me, as I hardly ever post, but isn't the above "statement" much the same as a trader who doubles down in the hopes the position will work out? Or the idea, "stick your head in the sand," and hope for the best?

Do you not think that the Asian Flu that hit the markets a week ago was a "signal" much like back in April of 2000, when the drop hit the INDU hard? Is the weakening of the US dollar, the geo political climate, and the "Asian" markets (down around 500 or so as I write) not pressure on the "bull." How about the simple saying, "what goes up, must come down?"

I would save the handholding for a nice romantic getaway. I prefer to listen and watch what the "forces" are telling me, and capitalize in any move, or any business cycle that may come. The Art of War, my friends - I know it's been used in cheesy books and movies. But Sun Tzu's methods are basic principles in life.


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