Someone sent me this: "U.S. Cold War Nuclear Target Lists Declassified for First Time"

1. No one can be an "enthusiast" of any war, even a cold one. One studies wars because they have always been the way stupid people in charge destroy each other and take the rest of us along with them.

2. There were no norms that protected "civilians" from carnage before the Americans had their civil war and ended their Indian wars. In the last quarter of the 19th century treaties were signed that were supposed to limit the direct brutality of Europeans towards each other, but they had zero effect on the terrible carnage done in Asia, Africa and South America. They continue to be rules for the people who are not fighting or war planning to follow.

3. The serious studies of WW 2 bombing showed that Harris had been right but for the wrong reason. He had thought that the enemy's civilian morale would crack. What broke was the tolerance of the High Command for allowing cities to be bombed because of the disruptions to supply. So, instead of sending 88s to the Eastern Front to defeat the T-34s, they were kept at home to shoot at bombers in the night sky

4. Targeting civilians is the only purpose of nuclear weapons; it was inherent in their original design.


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