Looking at wikipedia as a source, and looking at the attacks on G7 + Spain + Russia (just to get few in extra- sorry to quantify this way)…

Whether it is one dead or a million dead, it is barbaric act…

Where the toll is 50+ since Y2K:

t[-2] is the chg % one days ago , t[-3] is the chg % two days ago,  t is the change on the event day

t+1 is the chg % from the event day to one day later, t+2 is two days later

17-Sep-01 * - as the market is closed on 11 sep 2001

13-Nov-15    France November 13, 2015. A series of 7 attacks kill 153 people in the capital city of Paris.

07-Jul-05    United Kingdom July 7, 2005. Multiple bombings in London Underground. 53 killed by four suicide bombers. Nearly 700 injured.

11-Mar-04    Spain March 11, 2004. Madrid train bombings, killed 191 people and wounded 1,800.

23-Oct-02    Russia October 23, 2002. The Moscow theater hostage crisis was the seizure of the crowded Dubrovka Theater by Islamists. 170+ dead (including 40 perpetrators) 700+ injured.

12-Mar-03    Russia May 12, 2003. The 2003 Znamenskoye suicide bombing. 59 killed 200 injured.

01-Sep-04    Russia September 1, 2004. Beslan school hostage crisis, approximately 344 civilians including 186 children killed.

11-Sep-01    United States September 11, 2001. 4 planes hijacked by 19 al-Qaeda members: two planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City, New York; one into The Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia; and one into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. 2,977 victims killed.


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