Alone on the Wall, from Craig Mee

November 10, 2015 |

 There are some trading comparisons in this article. Maybe a bit like all in or no stop for a week, month. Long S&P?

"If he falls, he dies: The ultimate stakes of Alex Honnold":

With his sharp intelligence, Alex inclines toward a hyperrational take on life. He actually insists, "I don't like risk. I don't like passing over double yellow. I don't like rolling the dice." He distinguishes between consequences and risk. Obviously, the consequences of a fall while free soloing are ultimate ones. But that doesn't mean, he argues, that he's taking ultimate risks. As he puts it, "I always call risk the likelihood of actually falling off. The consequence is what will happen if you do. So I try to keep my soloing low-risk — as in, I'm not likely to fall off, even though there'd be really high consequences if I did.


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