Sadly we lost a local doctor Saturday who was trying to set a new world record for depth—1,200 feet. He never came back. [News Story ].  More experienced divers have posted these comments that ring true to many of my trading errors.


Four Attitudes Characterize Leading Tec Divers

In considering your growth as a tec diver, it’s worth noting the characteristics tend to typify leaders in not just tec diving, but in most areas of exploration:

Humility. They realize that they don’t know everything, and that there may be more than one right way to do something. Their ego doesn’t get in the way of learning, doing or teaching.

Open Mindedness. They never reject something just because it’s new or different, and they listen to other viewpoints. They don’t fear change and they’re not threatened by differing opinions.

Analytical. They accurately and realistically weigh the merits of a technology or procedures for themselves and never accept something just because it’s new or because someone else thinks it’s better.

Competent. While they’re open to change and alternative ways to do things, their own methodologies are solid and they can demonstrate a rationale and realistic basis for each. They’re quietly confident about how they dive.


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