The search for proverbs about being late leads me to turn to Wiswell for timeless guidance again. Something that the people on this site seem to agree with me about "avoid useless checks, traps, and trades. They lead to loss".

"We depend on our opponents bad moves to make some wins."

"Sometimes you have your opponent exactly where he wants you… and then it's too late."

"A trade once made can never be unmade."

"There is a time to attack, and a time to defend–and a time to wait." (the summer markets favor the latter).

"When your opponent offers you a piece as a gift. It is often better to just say no."

"Instead of trying to learn all the openings it might be wise to just adopt two of three favorites."

"Trading is like checkers. A single bad move can create a domino effect– and lead to loss."

"After fifty years of paying checkers I've learned one thing. Those who hesitate are those who win the gold."

"Cocksureness in checkers, trading or life is the badge of ignorance."


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