The Haloid Company went public on April 17, 1936. The company name was changed to Haloid Xerox Inc. in 1958. Here is the chart of its full rise to being the stock of the first technology "bubble". From its effective IPO, when it was listed in July 1961 on the NYSE, the company's stock price increased 15 to 20-fold to its height of the early 1970s "Nifty-Fifty" bubble (a period of a bit more than a decade). By then the company was so worried about the inestimable value of its name that it paid to run ads telling people that they should not call copying "xeroxing".

During roughly the same period of time (a dozen years) Amazon's stock price has increased 29-fold from its initial offering price of $18 on January 2, 2002.

 So what did Xerox do differently than Amazon?


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