Since the situation may well be worse than this data suggests, my question is how can China maintain 5% growth this year, never mind 7%. Or will the economy hit a wall?

Ralph Vince writes: 

It is not like our economy at all. Whereas we panic over QE this or that, there the government owns everything. It can go on forever.





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  1. Anand on August 12, 2015 1:51 pm

    hmm didn’t they own everything post 1949 revolution too? state led blue sky thinking coming up with various schemes such as the ‘great leap forward’ didn’t do much for the 10s of millions who subsequently starved to death did it?

    it might sound na├»ve but doesn’t economic wealth come from actually producing useful things? building pointless ghost cities & infrastructure is reminiscent of the above great leap forward (off a cliff), while the asset bubble has led to a rot in corporate activity (reminiscent of japan ’80s).


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