Foreigners Pull $1.3 Billion From Thai Equities on Economic Woes - News Report

One wonders if the frequency of the conjunction of the word "woes" and "stock market" would be a good bullish indicator.

Gary Rogan writes: 

A quick investigation indicates that lately "stock market woes" is frequently associated with whatever foreign market is in trouble, mainly China and Greece. Could a spike in attention to a foreign market with "woes" be the actual bullish indicator, especially after the US Market is woe-whacked and a new wall of worry is created for it to climb?

Paul Marino writes: 

Laszlo Birinyi with wise words as par for the course: "Birinyi Says You Can Toss Out the Old Tools for Calling S&P 500"

In a March report, the Birinyi Associates Inc. president dismissed
several signals other investors use to underpin bearish arguments. He
said Shiller's cyclically adjusted price-earnings ratio highlights how
the measure "has the tendency to overstate" stock valuations and has
become "the favorite fundamental argument of the bearish community."


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