The link below shows where we stand on data security. Of concern is the fact that what we 'the public' read is likely behind the form i.e it surely extends well beyond this. It is likely that any 'commercial' information is obtainable by those at the sharp end of this kind of work. ( With some degree of risk attached to be sure). One gathers that military and security services have protections (errrr Edward Snowden notwithstanding). One genuinely does not begrudge occasionally losing in organised markets to those who are smarter, have found a new edge, or have deeper reserves/staying power . However, what grates somewhat is losing to technology cheats. ( That is to the extent that it is actually happening, a point on which I have zero proof other than excellent anecdotals from

From Reuters News:

"U.S. researchers show computers can be hijacked to send data as sound waves"


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