This chart attempts to characterize the decline in the technology adoption rate in the United States. (I.e quicker adoption of new technologies). One gathers there were many accuracy issues that the researches came up against but still, the negative correlation is likely a reasonable supposition. It does lead one to ponder if some type of 'technological singularity' approaches wherein some interface between carbon based life and 'technology' leads to almost automatic adoption of new technologies. Perhaps in some not too distant future we will approach the asymtote–as it were.

The more luddite interpretation might be that humanity may begin to rebel against technological adoption as the 'improvements' become increasingly marginal.

We shall see.

anonymous writes: 

An alternative explanation is technology diffusion, in which the diffusion time is inversely correlated with the ability to communicate the innovation.

Alston Mabry writes: 

The first thing I think of is how each technology laid the foundation for and accelerated the adoption of the next. Electricity took a long time because there were no wires to begin with.





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