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You’ve Been Warned: Central Bankers Turning Less Market-Friendly
" by Simon Kennedy

Anatoly Veltman writes: 

I think the point to ponder is WHO planted this rumor on the eve of the fact. And the fact indeed was and is: what actual hike can be contemplated while faced with the emergency of keeping Monetary Union? Absurd. So, again: everything is done to prop the impression that hikes are imminently contemplated, while they are not even possible. Which loops back to the suspicion that articles are planted

anonymous writes: 

This is not a new thought for central banking and other authorities, pre Bernanke’s speech that in part caused the taper tantrum, and the Fed to back off, this was a hot topic within said circles and in part instigated his speech.





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  1. EM on June 25, 2015 2:05 am

    Japan is an interesting point in case. Fear for derailing an equity market rally is the one thing holding them back from a U-turn to focus on a domestic fiscal revival? What is interesting is the Japan pension fund allocations to equities…biggest in the world…ramping up equities in faith that yields would stay lower for longer?!


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