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June 12, 2015 |

 "A look at Chinese infrastructure worldwide: China Is Building the Most Extensive Global Commercial-Military Empire in History"

Larry Williams writes: 

I will be speaking there in a few days so did this forecast of their market. Still looks like more rally to come.

Bud Conrad writes: 

I spoke at a huge mining conference last fall and was amazed by China: BIG, teaming, gets things done, has all the latest technology, awful pollution. Despite many warnings from Western economists of Impending real estate implosion, Local government debt, Shadow banking, and Unregulated shark loans; China has kept its momentum. I think optimism on their stocks that may lead to a bubble that exceeds 2008 is likely.

anonymous writes: 

China is positioning themselves to be the world's primary source for commercial nuclear power technologies. They bought their IP from the French and the Americans. They improved on that IP to form their own brand. In the process, they lowered construction costs. Of course, they will attempt to make it on operations and services.

It appears China's biggest competitor is Korea. Their next biggest competitor appears to be Russia.

While painful to acknowledge, American and European technologies are not competitive.  





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  1. douglas roberts dimick on June 14, 2015 12:17 pm

    Redirection in and on and with the PRC

    If you all have not studied Dr. T.P.M. Barnett’s work on China a la the Pentagon’s new map, then recommend it…


    Studying its 14 dynasties of past, one may note that the 15th is at present instigating and procreating similar political as well as social/economic myths and motifs under internationally sanctioned banners of 21st Century globalization.

    The preceding dawn of the Rising Sun placed Japan on an Asia-historic mantle of systematic-efficient prosperity, wherein an ethnically centric country of 125 million people elevated themselves from wartime devastation (and surrender) to the world’s second largest economy (now the 3d). Consider how that allows us to “pull back the curtain” on the most recent “economic miracle.” To wit: if 8 old guys control 90 million that controls 1.4 billion, thereby commanding 1/6th of the world’s population under a communist — YES, communist with capitalistic (often masked as Chinese) characteristics — dictatorial regime, well…

    Sure, we can inject all sorts of adjectives that sound superlative when not alarmist-like threatening to those facing linear decline.

    Was directed to study Shaolin after law school, and did so with a published grand master — who had been sued by and lost to investors for fraud etc. To this day, the word “redirection” comes to mind when analogizing those nine animal energies with this past decade’s world debut of the red dragon.

    Arrived in Wuhan from Houston on March 31, 2006. Left Shanghai for Dallas on February 19, 2014… Experienced the post-great-depression (American) era of my parents and grandparents then and there. What comes now?

    Dr. Barnett etches the broad brushstrokes with his 5 BIG flows. Note those of people and water/food… The other three (i.e., energy, money, security) follow as…

    Redirection or misdirection?


    Ps. TB’s notation of “the why” for state lines east/west of Mississippi indicates an answer if not the solution to China’s syndrome.


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