This article on a pairs trade has more mumbo jumbo in it than can fit in a big barn. And it brings to mind the absurdity of pairs trade in the first place, and how much money is lost in trying to implement, and how great it is that almost all the short funds have gone into oblivion, that such funds and ideas still provide us with trillions of dollars more that those who look to the drift can fletcherize. One notes a comparable set of "opportune " articles that the "Dax has entered a bear market today".

"How to Play a U.S. Trucker Pair Trade Rising Off Five-Year Low"

Jim Sogi writes: 

A Former Fed Governor mentioned in an interview that I think Mr. Chair posted mentioned that there was a shortage of truck drivers in the work pool. Not enough could qualify by having no criminal convictions, sober, commercial license, and the ability to add and subtract.





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