1. Germany is a semiconductor that expands energy in other markets in the East and West.

2. The Upside Down Man and the 100 Million Man, formerly his partner before and after Harvard, talk a much better game than they play. The more bearish they are for stocks, the more bullish it is.

3. The more the media feature startling bearish forecasts, the more bullish it is.

4. The cobweb theorem holds for all markets.

5. the low vol in the stock market during recent days can't continue because the public would not lose enough if it continues.

6. Sales growth is much less important for stocks than profit growth.

7. The agrarian reformers at the Central Banks will not allow cattle trading operatives to recede.

8. The leaks in Brussels to hedge funds were rampant and premontory. They will arabesque to other forms now that early release to the media of the transcripts has been curtailed. The good one knows how it plays out in other countries.


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