"The Prestige" is a fantastic film - superb acting with a plot full of twists and turns - much like the global markets currently at hand.

A Magic trick has three parts:

  1. The Pledge - telling the audience that something ordinary is going to disappear or do something impossible.
  2. The Turn - the magician makes the impossible happen.
  3. The Prestige - the impossible is restored back to reality.

Magic, or the illusionary art of deception and fooling that the impossible is possible, is the topic that the film's plot line is structured around. The lengths to which the characters go to create their illusions, and the greater lengths they go to to disrupt the efforts of their rivals is incredible.

It reminds of the current battle in the market. Bears, until very recently, were "turned" into a disappearing act. The recent "prestige" of their return has occurred at a time when Bulls are still in the theatre. They have not yet been turned. No one needs their disappearance, because the time waiting for their prestige can cause all sorts of problems. The Bulls know this, and they won't be.

Magic is deception, and I believe the greater trick at hand for the market, and one that will in fact be next up from its bag of tricks, will be to "turn" the Bears once more, for a long, long time.


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