The USCI Commodity ETF recently showed up on one of my screening runs. I looked at the chart and noticed that on 5/6/15, USCI traded down from the previous day's close of 47 to a low of 23.875 and then rebounded– closing unchanged.

Upon closer examination, there was a single tiny trade at the open (down 50% in price) that was later canceled by the exchange. Given that this is a commodity ETF, the price move defies logic and was obviously a bad data point.

Yet both the stock exchange and Bloomberg consider this a valid trade.

And so the chart of USCI looks just like the humans who refuse to correct this error: idiotic.





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  1. Andrew Goodwin on May 14, 2015 5:16 pm

    The online brokers often auto-warn the customers about placing Market on Open orders. Are they off the hook if a client is filled 50% away from the midpoint on open? Dangling the lure on the bid or offer far away from the market is an ancient tactic to exploit those who signed a brokerage waiver of liability when this happens. Does the waiver hold?


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