When Harcourt, Brace & Company bought World publishing, the wags said that my father Bill Jovanovich had taken over the world. (The better joke came later when the firm changed its name again to Harcourt Brace Jovanovich and someone said that Dad had replaced the world because he knew better.)

The second joke was funnier to me because in the world of testing (which is what World Publishing did) Bill Jovanovich always did know better. He understood something that was so simple and radical that it will be another century, if at all, before the world catches up.

The only sensible use of testing is to allow people to find the full range of their failures; then they can decide what are their best chances for success.

Dad wanted "school" to be nothing but tests– of reading, hopscotch, sewing, everything possible. He wanted them to be voluntary, and he wanted them to be subject to the competition of choice. His idea of open enrollment was literally that– people could send their children to any courses they chose.

That was the only way for "society" to allow people to figure out what they "should" and "could" learn. He thought standardized education was an abomination, precisely because it allowed the helpers to always know best and gave the students and parents no escape from "the permanent record".


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