Victor writes to Adrian Bejan, author of Design in Nature: How the Constructal Law Governs Evolution in Biology, Physics, Technology, and Social Organization:

A reader asks if this is related to your work: "Wind Power Without the Mills"

Adrian Bejan responds: 

Hi Victor,

The answer is yes, in the two ways that this flow system behaves and improves itself:

–The natural: the vortices that shed downstream of the pole are constructal designs, the best way to mix the fluid downstream. They are predicted from the constructal law, man cannot change them

–The artificial: the wobbling pole can be designed (fine tuned) to capture and deliver most power to its magnet-power-generation unit at its base. Yet the "efficiency" will be low … this is why the company talk about other attractive features, low cost, easy maintenance, no moving parts, no noise, etc

Good night,


Adrian Bejan ( MIT ' 71, ' 72, ' 75 )
J.A. Jones Distinguished Professor
Duke University
Academy of Europe


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