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March 7, 2007 |

 Podcasting is great! Ever since I decided to leave my life as a full time trader and enter into the world of land development, which allows me far more time to play, believe it or not, I have focused on podcasting.

My record label is featured on more than 300 podcasting shows worldwide. I was introduced to podcasting a few years ago when I was performing on the Island of Ibiza. Two young Brits from London wanted to come into the DJ booth of the nightclub where I was featured. Two nice looking ladies, so I said sure. They pulled out their Mac from a backpack (clubs in Ibiza all have wireless internet), pulled out their pods, and asked if they could plug into the second line out in the mixer. I was puzzled and a bit nervous as 5000 people where screaming and dancing to the sounds I unleashed on them.

I did not want dead air or anything to interfere with my mix. But, I let them plug in. Next thing you know they pull out a microphone, about the size of a pen and start commentating on my performance. They were broadcasting me worldwide. I was absolutely amazed. I mean a radio station that is portable. Great PR for my label and new release.

 Needless to say, their podcast has grown to more than 100,000 individuals who tune in and listen to their show about producers, DJs and the Ibiza scene. Radio as we know is dead. Period. Technology has advanced the radio industry, pirate radio is over. Anyone can have a voice over America or the world. It is brilliant. I personally do not have a show but I work with podcasters all the time, send them material, do interviews. My label is sponsored by Apple, so whenever I appear at a Mac store, they set up a podcast. The Iphone will revolutionize podcasting once again.

And to think, I use to sit in a room and watch five screens all day long for a living. What was I thinking?


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