Perfectionists have trouble doing things because they want everything to be perfect. It never is. They often focus in on small inconsequential details and lose sight of the bigger picture. They have trouble prioritizing and seek detail. Certain things benefit from this, but trading is not one of them.

In focusing on small details, larger macro cycles can be ignored. It's important even when studying small time frames to look at the larger cycles at work. I saw a trading idea once called "Framesync" where the trader looked for bullish signals on three different time frames to pull the trigger. I always thought that was a good idea and generally follow that thinking.

Dan Grossman writes: 

I know Jim is right that one should avoid perfectionist tendencies when buying and selling. But I must say I get great pleasure when it turns out that I have sold a stock at the highest price of the day (ie, to the exact penny), or have bought a stock at the lowest price of the day. And I admit that this psychological pleasure sometimes outweighs that of the actual dollar gain. I am curious how many other Specs experience the same.





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