1. I wonder if smell is perhaps related to the blind spots of perception of market movement.

"Smell is not subjective; rather, it is simply very hard to communicate objectively, that is, to talk about and achieve any sort of consensus. One possibility would be to unwind the "color wheel" model, and ask how many dimensions it would have to incorporate in order that all its observable contradictions disappear. Much like experimental versions of Mendeleev's original periodic table, there are interesting possibilities for new spatial models for representing scents. Perhaps future models of smell will have to address similar orders of complexity, and the solution just hasn't been drawn up yet. Alternatively, there may simply be no way to represent visually the variability presented by scents."

from Notes on Scents

2. I recently read "Seeing Circles, Sines, and Signals", which is a very nice introduction to signal processing. Its novelty is the dynamic graphics to get a better intuition of the concepts.


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