I do not look for one dimensional geometric shapes in visual manifestations of historical data. Not because there is nothing there but because I have no edge in doing so against the market.

However, it is fascinating how, occasionally, a market puts in an act of such beautiful symmetry that one is moved to ask further questions about multidimensional geometrical solutions to market forecasting.

Yesterday is a case in point. I will use New York time for the following and I refer to the S&P 500 futures (June).

The market at 3am opened the hour at 2093. Soon after the floor opening it topped out at 2101.25, an 8.25 point rally. Next the market declined to 2085.25, a 7.75 point decline from the 3am rate. The rate at 3 am this morning was 2092.50.

The flow and symmetry was beautiful and the old adage "The bookie always wins" comes to mind.

I do not know quite what–but there is something to be gleaned from the referenced 24 hour period.


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