Good trading is a mixture of quick reaction times and having no 'intellectual baggage'.

Intellectual baggage holds one back from making good trading decisions.

Amongst much else, intellectual baggage contains memes similar to (and the opposite of):

1. stocks have to go down because rates are going up.

2. the Euro & Gold always move together

3. the EURO has to go down because they have a lot of debt & unemployment.

4. Oil has to decline because inventories are higher.

5. Bonds have to go lower because of a very strong run of pay rolls numbers.

6. The Russian Ruble can't possibly be the strongest emerging market currency against the USD in 2015 because oil has collapsed and the US have imposed sanctions against Russia.

7. The EURO can't possibly rally because the U.S. may be raising rates this year.

This short list was made from a cursory perusal of the front pages of a few sell-side 'research' publications.

I seriously do not know whether to laugh or cry.





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