If anyone needed reminding that incentives work, look no further than the recent 'What is a Trader' competition on this website.

There was a monetary prize attached for the victor/s and, perhaps even better, canes for other notable entries.

It is quite noteworthy that the ratio of competition entrants to regular contributors to the SpecList was very high. (Even allowing for the fact that the two samples are not exactly homogenous). Evidently, incentives matter!

Given that many of the hopefuls were likely traders from varying markets, backgrounds and experience levels–might not some of you consider sharing potentially quantifiable thoughts with the list from time to time as the mood arises.

There really is nothing like this list anywhere. Whilst this is mainly due to the Chair there are others who have very deep cutting edge front line in the trenches experience who learn new things from this list if not every day then certainly every other week.

Back to incentives… The REAL incentive is the cross fertilization of potentially quantifiable and testable thought from strong to weak, inexperienced to experienced, expert to expert in different fields.

Perhaps this defines what a trader is–someone who believes in incentive driven exchange of information that can be utilized in markets using his or her own comparative advantage.





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