It is difficult for me to fathom why a now struggling toy company would pick a Greenwich, CT based 64 year old, classic corporate guy (who ran Pepsi for a few years) to be its CEO. Maybe he has grandchildren? Or great-grandchildren?

anonymous writes: 

They must think their problems are organizational.

But it got me thinking about how a modern toy company needs to focus on what kids want now, which made me think that AAPL should produce something like the iKidPhone, which would be a less-expensive, limited cell phone for little kids, with game and learning apps, and the ability for the adults to let the kids have just a specific set of numbers for friends and family that they can call. Might work. I know, I know, "it's called the iPhone 4". But AAPL might be able to create a specific product that would sell nicely and maybe cannibalize some of that hand-me-down business.





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  1. anand on April 3, 2015 7:43 am

    Most CEO hires of corporations are laughable .. still they get away with it most of the time as the corporation has inertia .. like a juggernaut it just continues to roll along till it either hits a wall or runs out of gas. In the UK CEOs are usually bumblers who move from one industry to another, usually with no clue what they are doing … archetypal example was one of the former directors of ICI, Charles Miller Smith who destroyed the flagships of British Industry (he came from Unilever .. he thought it was a good idea to sell off ICI core chemical business and buy Unilever’s businesses instead .. which he probably thought he understood a little better). Bankers loved him as he was buying and selling industrial giants. After destroying ICI he ended up with a consultancy role at and investment bank .. what a surprise.



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