Here it is; Two old men coming out…now the media will be forever on our side. Vic captured their minds—I’m still here—and they are still talking about him as the legend he is.

My highlight of the baseball game was seeing people eating pizza (and other food) with chopsticks. Lots of traders here and some very successful one; they like to test


Vic Niedehoffer adds:

Larry and I are on the same wavelength. At a great sushi dinner, an attractive  tv reporter accompanied us. She mentioned that she had interviewed a certain world traveler that is old hearted about commodities at his home in Asia. Before she finished the sentence Larry and I both spontaneously and independently said  " did he hit on you?".

Aside from standing on Larry' s shoulders and seeing the Giants warm up, I visited the Tokyo and Kyoto fish markets, and had the best sushi of my life at Awagi Island rite across from the Pearl bridge, the biggest suspension bridge in the world. The Island is the shell fish capital of the world, and I had 4 sauteed abalones, which I haven't had as good as since 50 years ago at Sams on Bush street. They now cost 50 bucks a 3 inch circular abalone versus a buck or two in my day. The restaurant is a fish market during the day and converts into a sushi restaurant with all the local fish of the day in the evening. I had some Kobe beef hamburger afterwards as a test, but it's so tender that there is not much firmness in it. vic

 Gary Rogan complains:

It's interesting to note that you stressed directly the opposite back in 2007. You emphasized both on Dailyspec back then and live at the Junto, that your favorite seafood sit-down's in San Francisco menu merely appreciated not even three-fold over as many as three decades past. Your point was to knock down commodities' long term potential vs stocks. I could never understand why you meant that to immediately be Bullish for stocks vis-a-vis commodities. Did the fact that Stocks were at yet again historic high vis-a-vis commodities that languished for decades was comparatively Bullish for stocks?? I was shellshocked. Now we hear an opposite song: $50 vs $1-2! The deflationary omen?

Gary Rogan comments:

Abalone doesn't seem like a good predictor of anything general, especially their prices in San Francisco. All commercial fishing of them is banned.  As for comparing their prices in Japan today vs. California 3 decades ago and deciding what it means for commodity prices, this has got to be a job for the famous trader who is based in Asia who is the only person smart enough to accomplish this feat.


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