I have seen this card trick many times ("Pick a card, any card"). This is not the best video, but is one that I found with a quick search: flash card [You Tube 0:39]. Please watch it to make sense of my rant…

What if: Traders are glued to watching quotes. HFT can flash quotes — "is it too fast?" Let me go slow. Then, it is something humans can actually see, dances around and pauses on the "right number", dances again. Sometime later, the market moves and everyone jumps in etc based on whatever indicator (FOMC, Economic numbers, Technicals, etc.). They need a stop. Let's pick a price "no one else will know".But HFTs know — 99% pick the same number based on the way they flashed prices and run them.

Is it possible? Because somehow the more I am glued to the screen, the more likely my stops are filled!


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