I am currently on a road trip with my wife, and I couldn't help but consciously relate my experiences on the interstate back to trading. Insights gained from negotiating the roads inevitably reinforced my perspectives on trading. One can draw their own inferences from my observations, but the analogies are pretty clear. (Only #8 has nothing to do with trading, but may have everything to do with the difference between men and women.)

1. People will speed for miles, then slow down for a state police vehicle, and continue to drive slow after passing, even though the odds of seeing another trooper has probably been lowered.

2. A driver will be content to drive at a moderate speed, until he is passed by another vehicle. He will then inevitably speed up. Driving behavior becomes ego driven.

3. It only takes one driver texting to upset the flow of traffic or cause an accident. Small perturbances can affect complex systems.

4. Cars have a tendency to bunch together. Even with a total bumper-to-bumper density that would be physically able to go the speed limit, cars will drive in fits-and-starts, at an average speed that is allowed under the constraints of the variables affecting the constructal flow of traffic.

5. Professional drivers are not necessarily better drivers, but they are bigger than you.

6. It's best to think two moves ahead when driving. And, always leave yourself an out.

7. If you're tired, pull over– if you're in the flow, press on.

8. Nine times out of ten a driver in the left lane, who is not keeping up with the flow of traffic, and refuses to change lanes, will be a woman.

9. It's always best to slow down when conditions become inclement.

10. Anticipate how other drivers will act and expect the worst.

11. The Toyota Prius is the new Volvo.

12. One can learn a lot about a person by observing how he drives





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  1. Sam on February 10, 2015 3:51 pm

    When pulling into an overcrowded parking lot behind a line of cars I begin to estimate where the few empty spots will mostly likely be. A few observations about crowd mentality during the parking process and I’m sure there are more to be made:

    1) If you follow the line of cars you will end up with no parking spot (or the very worst)

    2) The line of cars will inevitably seek a parking spot around the edges of the lot (for convenience first, then the ease of locating such spots)

    3) I typically find a parking spot at the most average spot for convenience (middle of the lot). These spots seem to be overlooked as everyone seeks the prime spot, recedes into frustration at finding none, and then settle for some of the lesser convenient spots.

  2. Bic on February 12, 2015 1:15 pm

    > learn a lot about a person by observing how he drives

    Seinfeld had a quote to the effect that observing how a guy treats his wife and how he drives tells you you everything you need to know about his character.


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