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Steve Wisdom

A Modest Proposal

My younger brother works for a big company, market cap in the $10's of
billions.  He's a K3rry voter, and soon after the election sent me 'friend
spam' about how K3rry was robbed, Bu$h LIED!!, the USA will become a
theocracy & etc & etc

So I mentioned to him: look at your own firm's rocketing shareprice,

F  5-Nov  9.63  1.48%
T  4-Nov  9.49  2.59%
W  3-Nov  9.25  1.09%
T  2-Nov  9.15  2.81%
M  1-Nov  8.90 -0.22%
F 29-Oct  8.92  0.34%
T 28-Oct  8.89  0.91%
W 27-Oct  8.81  0.11%
T 26-Oct  8.80  0.57%

And consider the impact on your own life, and the life of the nation, if
events had turned the other way.  The loss of value, the economic
devastation, the jobs destroyed or never created, that's encapsulated &
present-valued in that shareprice move.  The market tells no lies

A modest proposal: every Fortune 500 company issue every employee a free
10-day ATM call on 1,000 shares of its stock, a week before every election.
Let the employees decide for themselves which is the wise choice, with a
skin in the game .. .

Stephen Wisdom, a Pennsylvania-born Harvard graduate, has been Victor Niederhoffer's right-hand man off and on for more than 15 years. He also has been associated with Trout Trading, Societe Generale and Deephaven Fund