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James Sogi

Philosopher, Juris Doctor, surfer, trader, investor, musician, black belt, sailor, semi-centenarian. He lives on the mountain in Kona, Hawaii, with his family.

Trust the Wave, by James Sogi:

Shane Dorian, one of the top surfers in the world surfs on a level far above the average surfer. On a recent surf trip to Fiji, after seeing him ride on a large wave so deeper and further in the wave than I have ever seen done before, I asked him how he did it. He told me "You've got to trust the wave." What he meant, is that most surfers will bail out of a position on a wave long before the waves forces them to do it, and cut short a much lengthier "tube ride", which is the ultimate surfing maneuver. Taking his advice, I pulled into a tube and told myself, "trust the wave", trust the wave will not collapse, not throw you down and crush you, trust the wave to continue to push you forward. Don't dive off the board in the middle of the ride out of fear, panic and lack of confidence. In fact it is safer to ride inside the tube, as most of the violent impact of the lip of the wave passes over your head and when the wave ends, you float out the back of the wave after its energy is spent. Its quite a scary proposition to pull into a tube as the wave is moving at about 20 miles and hours and the water weighs tons, and is pitching out in a thick concrete like slab of water inches from your head, and you can see the violent force of the wave crashing white water 10 feet into the air as it hits the reef just a few feet below the surface. On our trip one surfer broke his leg in the water due to the force of the impact.

This is my new mantra: "Trust the market". Have the confidence to ride the full length of the trade, to take the maximum amount out of the trade. Don't bail out of the trade early out of fear that the market will collapse, that you will wipe out. Don't be a pessimist and lose a valuable opportunity once in a good trade. Ride the wave.

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