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Sunspot Cycles, by James Sogi

Climate change may have destroyed fisheries. The Aleutian low pressure system is the dominant meteorological winter feature in the North Pacific and helps stir up ocean water, bringing nutrients to the surface. (and brings 50 foot waves to Hawaii) This climatic phenomenon is called the Pacific decadal oscillation because a review of past climatic data shows that the low pressure system seems to shift with near decadal periodicity. The fairly regular oscillation may be a response to an 11 year solar cycle of sunspots. The eruption of solar flares with a near decadal frequency increases the heavy solar particles(atoms), which take approximately 6 months to reach our atmosphere. Solar particles reacting with the upper atmosphere may lead to higher atmospheric pressures, which may intensify and displace the Aleutian low pressure system to the east. recent oceanographic research has shown that Pacific decadal oscillation is part of a greater cycle defined as near century oscillation on the order of 70-100 years. From Islands of Refuge, Rauzon. (about the northwest Hawaiian Islands.)

The waters are so wild up there, my fisherman friend tells me, that humans cannot go in the water. Schools of 50 or more 100 pound Ulua (trevally) attack divers. A friend tells of schools of ulua hitting the flashing spinning props of dual 200 horsepower outboards running at full speed causing the outboards to jump in their mounting. Seals and sea birds cover the shores. It is dangerous to put your hand into the water.