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Market as Dialog, by James Sogi

The markets area form of communication in which the prices are debated back and forth, and settled. How much of it is redundant? In conversation it is said that content is highly redundant. Speakers are advised to say what is to be said, say it, and summarize what was said. In phone conversation or casual conversation much air is wasted with pleasantries, warm up, content, repeated content, "like I was saying", and "here's what I heard you say:, etc, etc, etc, yada yada yada. There is redundancy to be sure all parties are clear on what is said, what is meant, and what is understood. The markets, as communication suffer from similar if not worse, redundancy of communication. There are statistical methods for analyzing speech, content, and redundancy. This 1327 point has been made over, and over and today again. OK I get it. Email is good. You say it once: done. No wasted air. There are standard patterns or rhythms of speech that typify modern colloquial intercourse. What similarities might be drawn in similar interchange in the markets?