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Keeping Fit in Today's Market, James Sogi

The elements of fitness are strength, flexibility and endurance. Weight lifters are strong but often lack flexibility. Runners have good endurance, but may lack strength, so a balance results in good all around performance and health. Fitness for market operations requires training and work to build a solid foundation. Do you have the financial strength to handle a draw down period or are you trading on a credit card loan? Do you have the emotional strength to handle the adversity? Do you have the flexibility to trade different markets, different styles, different time periods, different regimes, different system? Do you have the endurance to handle a draw down in a trade. Do you have the physical health to work the hours needed to succeed? Fitness does not come overnight, and takes years of training. You can lose fitness in about 6 days of inactivity. Keep moving and keep healthy physically and financially.