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Deception in Markets: "Juked by the Juice" by James Sogi

Remember OJ Simpson? I mean before the murder trial, way before, when he used to play football. I remember a tape of a game he played that I will never forget.

He is running down the field with the ball from his 30 yard line. There are about 6-8 defenders coming right at him. He runs down the field and without touching them, and without them touching him, he jukes them and they fall to the ground. He runs some more and does that thing with his feet, two more guys just fall on their faces to the ground without even getting near him. He runs down for a touchdown. With a slight move of his head, he deceives the defender in to thinking that he is going to run to the left, so the defender commits and moves his center of gravity to meet where he thinks OJ is going, but OJ is not going that way, OJ is going the other way, and in the defender's effort to change directions, when the defender's full momentum is going the wrong way, he falls to the ground. OJ leaves him behind.

Now if you know ahead of time this little trick, you can at least avoid falling to the ground.

My friend is a master spear fisherman. Been at it for 45 years. When the fish do the head juke, and turn this, way, then that way, he just waits, and then shoots them as they make their turn, and the spear goes through the spine as they turn, ending further resistance. His record is a 119 pound Ulua (trevally). Now that's a big fish.

Did you see those head jukes today at 2:15 on the FOMC thing. Chart looks like a lot of guys lying on the ground, looking like dead fish. Guess its better to wait, till fish market does its head juke, and nail it when it makes its turn, and expect it ahead of time, not fall for the old head juke.