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"What Should I Tell Them?" by Bo

I don't watch TV, haven t read a newspaper in three decades, nor listened to a radio in 20 years. I appreciate but don't read most your emails but disseminate them as from reputable sources. Think of me as your Email Buddha. My source of news is closer to America's heartbeat, in the Blythe, California, Carl's Junior and Subway. This redneck throwaway town from a century ago is skirted by Interstate-10. It's a gasoline and food oasis. Every evening I tune to a hundred mouths a couple seconds with a book in front of my nose. The two fast-food managers are ex-students who let me read well past mop time after the lobbies shut. He's in here cuz he's my daddy an' you ain't! screamed the black female manager through the Carl's window at a wanta-eater after lockdown a week ago.

Students wander in and out of the joints before closing and are resources too. Last night, I shifted focus among a veggie sandwich, Willeford's "Something about a Soldier," and a knot of youth chattering babies and money. That's life locally, and worldwide, isn't it? My jaw dropped as the news swept from reproduction to taxes.

Kids have babies to rake money; in some cases it's a priority over sexual pleasure. A new baby , the pregnant Subway hand beamed, opens a state dole and rent decreases. Mothers nearly all feed the county provided formula mixed with nasty city water that their breasts remain attractive through old age. The newborns through legal age are swapped around the neighborhoods during tax time. Double heads-of-house-hold within one home are claimed on IRS forms for a lower tax bracket. Kids are also loaned out as dependents among parents at tax time. Last night two deals were struck to sell the names of children for $1000 each to childless families that will save them $2500 each. Only kids sans SSN's are worth anything. The IRS tracks numbers but not names.

How's your credit? Monthly statements are sponged from mail boxes in the right neighborhoods to obtain card numbers. It happened to me a while back when a phantom ran up $900 on feminine products. Illegal documents are the most pervasive. Blythe is a Mecca but apparently there's a nationwide diffusion of illegal aliens. My better students will tell you where to get a driver's license fabricated. With that, the passport comes easy. It's gettin' to be a problem, someone drawled, cuz you gotta start with a SSN. Dipsh#ts by the thousands are getting jobs with new IDs, an about the same number of dumb asses are prosecuted by the IRS for nonpayment of taxes. Someone worried the IRS may fold that the country may survive.

What should I tell them? Anyone who's owned a white mice ranch and formicary knows the effect of overpopulation and crowding. That's my take on the state of the world from Carl's Junior and Subway.