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True Stories by Steve Keeley
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A Taste of Sand Valley, by Ken smith

"Everyone in Sand Valley has a proven inability to adjust to society."

Bo's account of his friend and speclister Art Tyde visiting Sand Valley confirms my prescience in taking my trip there also. Sand Valley is the future. Bo has built structures on his property that will defy a nuclear holocaust and enable him to survive for a minimum one year without fret about water or survival food. Men and women of talent and foresight will be his neighbors.

Bo's neighbors are individualists, freedom lovers, maybe anarchists from the looks of it. A libertarians retreat there? But I would not say the Sand Valley is a place where characters have proved their inability to adjust to society. That they are different from the ordinary I cannot differ in opinion. But that difference is evidence of their ability to adjust to society; they have adjusted, they got out. Everyone I met in Sand Valley was congenial. Maybe because my identity shows thru my facade. I am one of them.


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