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True Stories by Steve Keely
Hobo Memoirs

Doc Bo gets feedback

Niederhoffer showed appreciation for my input over the years by handing me various documents - a staff treatment of moon phases, a statistical analysis of canine cavities, and per his last point above, the fax from a Brazilian associate on butts - on his way to and from the computer room. In social settings, he also steered to the indicators. I once rode iron from Florida to New York and showed in his trading room wearing grimy overalls. He opened the windows, listened patiently, and went to work. I bathed and climbed into one of his suits. There was a dry apple core, spoon and hundred-dollar bill in the pockets which I returned with, “You should pay me to make u look good.” “You’re right, he replied, and we went to New York’s swanky Four Seasons restaurant for thanksgiving dinner with Geroge Soros. Victor was his point man for many years, making investors grand profits with either. The talk turned to hobo meals as indicators when Victor called the chef to have me repeat, “Of the many thanksgiving meals I’ve had in missions across the country, this surpasses them all. A hundred dollars goes a long way.” The chef took the tip with a hasty retreat before getting an earful. Now, also for the first time, I publicly offer my original report to Niederhoffer that contains some indicators discussed after the chef found the kitchen. It’s interesting to compare with Victor’s polished version above.

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