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From the Travels of Bo: Dubai

This is the short Dubai section from the 'yank bo' reconnoiter a decade ago.

'I stop at Dubai, a constituent of the United Arab Emirates, to invest my curiosity only. One could walk border to border in two days and finish for a dip in the Persian Gulf, but I spend the time afoot in the fascinating Dubai City. An original fishing settlement having expanded along both banks of a creek plied by paddlers and small boats, the present international business district is connected by a tunnel and two bridges. Knee-length Kurta shirts with matching baggy Shalwear pants replace suits and males glide in these long white robes between old mosques and posh malls. They are a sturdy, intelligent people from what I see, but over-fed by the rich oil spoon here in the city. I'm told imported contract labor apparent wherever a broom or shovel is lifted - includes housing and no option to marry or immigrate. My glance around the city reveals a planned, modern face of concrete and glass built on the 1966 discovery of oil; however, the minds under those sheets suggest a culture deeply rooted in Islamic tradition. People are strange when you re a stranger, odder still as I m ignored in the city. Never on balance but content, I exit back onto the emerging market tour.'

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