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True Stories by Steve Keely
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A Mouse Squeaks at Buddhism

I grasp the frameless-work that is important to some and, in fact, agree Buddhism is the superior life path for most, but it leaves me tepid. These are solid reasons why.

I lived an austere youth- always hungry, discipline from each direction, the meditation and postures of boredom, and not finding sex until 21. i confess happy memories to all that. However, I stayed active throughout childhood, vibrating while moving nonstop w/out being neurotic and eventually developed an unnatural body grace. I saw this reflected only in other animals, never in uprights- except their eyes- as I scampered on animal paths outside the neighborhood. A belief engendered that the mind should stem from the body that led to the doorstep of vetinary school. A bit later, holding the sheepskin, I gazed off the doorstep to the horizon of a lovely practice and family but as if struck by childhood lightning made the correct if awkward fall into the boxcars, world travel, and dangerous paths through nature.

Having never looked back, my take on Buddhism is mostly physiologically, as follows. Itís practiced lower on the brain stem and in older parts of the brain than the run-of-the-sidewalk is familiar with, and this you say could work in his favor but not for someone like a monkey, or me who lives there minute to minute much of the day. The Orientals, I continue to theorize, initiate movement lower there which can blossom into other ideas. Buddhism is created more for the intellectual, and especially-prepare yourself- for city folks who need it to find their real physical selves- amid past lives of noise, bright lights, uni-directional print flow and trying to catch a cab- as a starting point to discover their Ďhigherí selves. Yet Buddhism is counter-keely because itís out of sequence in exercising the mind with the expectation of discovering the body and afterward make a leap to some awakening that any mature barnyard animal knows. Both paths- physical to mental per the horse or vice versa per the monk work to an awakening, but Iíll stick to my childhood hunch.

Thereís more evidence against Buddhism. It practices stretching in painful poses but involves too little movement of the smaller muscle attachments to the bones, and needs more anaerobic gusto. It is dominantly passive and that can be lethal to an adventurer. You can Ďmakeí a Buddhist on the street or in the temple by his many virtues- clear eyes and skin, kind features and patient ear- but a person like me would be dead a dozen times over in survival situations because though the Buddhist practitioner is keen in stationary thought and cramped quarters, he cannot play chess while beating his way out a gunny sack or after getting fatigued. Iím generalizing, and maybe Iím not as awakened as I feel, but my bet is that I wonít and donít want ever want to be in the Buddhist sense. Well, I just noticed Iím not dead yet and mite as well do the best can to continue my cause and be an example. The greatest case against Buddhism may surprise you that itís a major world philosophy/psychology in parallel with the small-man index in the investorsí market as a major mis-indicator.

Buddhism is Bandaidism and donít underestimate its power and necessity in this world of general psychoses, nor its limitations. I speak outside my strong suits into those of others, but hope these opinions cheerfully delivered are accepted if not as effective then at least as fresh.

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