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True Stories by Steve Keely
Hobo Memoirs

My Ten Acres

"My ten acres," "Scorpion's Crotch," lies on the western foothills of Sand Valley on the bank of the largest dry wash. It's a slice of heaven in fall, winter and spring when the sun is reasonable, I see many animals, and the wind whistles over the hills, down this wash and liquidly between my anchored trailers. A march of projects from sunrise to sunset feature skills from pioneer homesteading and ranch maintenance. As an Idaho sprout, I dreamed of owning a set of tools and now feel compelled to use them. The property shapes up after three years of intermittent sweat labor by a creator who's short of expert but beyond handy.

"Why all the hard work, what fun? For me it's learning, health, discipline, inspiration, and future investment. Proper thoughts are dividends because what we think and feel are the products of our viscera, glands, and muscle. Loony bins would close if each built his own home."